you have a chance to select a correct type of character which provides better features according to your demands. There are 4 types of character available now. These are blue, scout, frozen and flame that have different features’ percentage such as max hp, damage, vision, shield damage, speed and cooldown. You collect experience and upgrade your features with Q, W, E, R, A and S. In addition, you can delevop your experince with hitting big shapes. You can attack to enemies with left click and activate your shield by right click. Also, the red bar show your shield cooldown and the blue bar shows your dash cooldown.You control the cursor, as in the cursors, or figure as in the diep in Sl4sh io, which with the mouse help moves on playing field and fight with other cursors and figures in multiplayer mode. You can choose one of 4 kinds of colors for your figure. You can also do to accelerate for your cursor. Enjoy and play the game now!