Geometry Dash

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With a beautiful UI and lively sound system, Geometry Dash is an entertaining online game, bringing captivating experiences to players

Features, characteristics of Geometry Dash

- In the game, the player’s mission is to jump over the obstacles based on rhythmic music and undergo challenges at each level. The player can collect additional secret coins dispersed across the route. Upon completion of each level, the player will be rewarded with extra diamonds and gems that are used for purchasing symbols, effects in order to aid in the next level. If the player runs into and touch the obstacles on the route, he or she will have to play again from the start.
- Easy to control.
- Merry rhythms, bringing you lively experiences

Gameplay of Geometry Dash:

- On mobile devices: The player taps or presses anywhere in the touchscreen to control various vehicles.
- On PC: Use the mouse and SPACE bar, up arrow, down arrow buttons to control:
Use SPACE bar to jump
Use up arrow to get the vehicle up
Use down arrow to get the vehicle down
The game is now available in multiple platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone, etc.
Quickly download Geometry Dash to your device to explore the game. Have fun playing the game.
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